Provide your business with a full range of services at any stage of logistics activities.

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Import and Export of Goods

In logistics, high priority is given to precision and attention to detail. Especially when it comes to import or export trade. Your shipment will be picked up, tracked and delivered in a safe and efficient way to a designated location.

Delivery throughout Ukraine

You no longer need to manage the receipt and delivery of goods. The best choice is to entrust the entire logistics to SMART-ALLIANCE and our highly experienced staff. Timely delivery to all regions of Ukraine.

Warehousing Services

SMART-ALLIANCE reduces storage costs. You no longer need to worry about your own warehousing and distribution. We will offer tens of square meters of our warehouse space.

Customs clearance

Use our smart option to avoid unpleasant surprises when exporting or importing goods in the shortest possible time. SMART-ALLIANCE will arrange for customs and excise documents to be required in import and export of goods.